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The Excalibur Group, a Washington D.C. based company, specializes in offering dynamic staff augmentation and program support to both local and federal government agencies nationwide in the areas of defense, legal, information technology (IT) and professional services. We’re a minority-owned small business defined by our multifaceted approach to placement by focusing not only on client satisfaction, but providing professionals with personally fulfilling opportunities.

A former employee said, "I worked at Excalibur Group for three years, didn't get one raise. Management is oblivious to the countless thefts, tickets, and injuries on job. If you can't work, you are replaced and have a low chance of keeping your position in the company. Only upstairs and salary had paid days off, paid holidays and vacation. Full timers did not, along with workers traveling form Maryland not helping them at all. Actually taking away , paying for the rooms in the city for their work. Overall wonderful people but horrible work ethic."


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Former Employee - Dealer- Floor Supervisor says

"I worked at Excalibur Hotel & Casino full-time Cons: Poor Management! Lack of respect for under paid employees."

Security says

"I worked at Excalibur Hotel & Casino for more than a year Cons: Certain People in the department had their own clicks, if you weren't part of it they treated you like an outcast, impossible to advance due others making false rumors."

Current Employee - Casino Host says

"I have been working at Excalibur Hotel & Casino full-time for more than 10 years Cons: "At Luxor, the pyramid itself is iconic, so although people are not looking for that Egyptian theme, they expect at least a wink and a nod to it." "The recent and upcoming renovations to the property pay respect to the Egyptian theme but in a more contemporary and upscale way." "The theme at Excalibur is less important to the customer – the castle doesn’t make a promise of a medieval experience; it makes a promise of a fun experience, so we do our best to live up to that." Renee West, Leaders Magazine July, August, September 2013"

Current Employee - Cocktail Server says

"I have been working at Excalibur Hotel & Casino full-time for more than 10 years Cons: uncooperation from fellow employees and the sometime so sad and ridiculous gossip"

Current Contractor - Customer Service says

"I have been working at Excalibur Hotel & Casino for more than 5 years Cons: Cheap management, too little support for employees/vendors. Don't screw with people's pay when they have families to support. Provide better promotion and marketing for the services and shops you offer if you are going to hold departments accountable for greater revenue goals."

Current Employee - Assistant Retail Manager says

"I have been working at Excalibur Hotel & Casino full-time for more than a year Cons: Angry guests, management seems to not listen, never a set schedule, high turnover rate"

Journeyman Carpenter says

"I worked at Excalibur Hotel & Casino for less than a year Cons: Facilities management team are not team players. Lots of clashing and power struggles. Food in the employee dining room is terrible. Entire property needs updating and remodeling."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Excalibur Hotel & Casino full-time for more than a year Cons: Older casino. A bit outdated though rooms are undergoing a current refresh. In need of some upgrade to casino floor. Lower income demographic."

Former Employee - Bartender says

"I worked at Excalibur Hotel & Casino full-time for more than a year Cons: The management has no idea what they are doing. Managers completely changed every 6 months. If a new manager didn't like you, you'd get treated poorly for 6 months until they left."

Former Employee - Security says

"I worked at Excalibur Hotel & Casino full-time for more than a year Cons: Parking for employees may become difficult during events on the Las Vegas strip."

Customer service and security (Former Employee) says

"Worst company and ceo, didn’t give my vacation pay. Don’t pay you proper rate. Managers are so rude. They don’t take proper care of their employees... Cons: Don’t pay you true rate, didn’t give my vacation pay"

Security gaurd (Former Employee) says

"No room for advancement the other gaurds are old bitter and childish the owner only cares about money not his gaurds or clients horrible company to work for no pay raises no benefits ever no matter how long you work for them. It's a dead end job."

Mixer Operator (Former Employee) says

"Excalibur could be a good job if management didn’t treat you like you were temporary. Which is the case for that place because they go through so many employees it’s crazy people just didn’t last there due to the over load of work. They forced close to 20 hours of over time every week, and they worked you hard for the low amount that they pay you."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Psychotic owner. I don’t have very much else to say than an owner that is abusive towards his staff and very impatient. Incompetent staff within the company"

cameriera (Former Employee) says

"Anche qui non mi sono trovata molto bene..fra l' altro non mi hanno neanche dato tutti i soldi che mi dovevano Cons: Tutti"

lead carpenter (Former Employee) says

"garbage company many false promises...made me a manager twice then let me go for winter right after christmas....always had problems paying people on friday....they dont pay to travel ....was working like 11 hours only to get paid for 8..... Cons: find a real job fast..."

Tobacco handler (Former Employee) says

"During my time at Excalibur I had things thrown at me in the warehouse. The management took their side regardless of the situation and judged me solely based on the way I looked. I quit, same day. Toxic work environment and the management was terrible Cons: Overly short breaks if any at all."

DDSN (Former Employee) says

"Company has issues getting your pay check correct! They also have hire ups who are disrespectful Nd unprofessional. Shady things going on within the company They will not send you the CPR license u take your time out to obtain."

Magasinier, chauffeur livreur (Former Employee) says

"De bonnes et de mauvaise choses comme dans beaucoup d'entreprise mais je ne tiens pas à en dire plus, ce ne serai pas très respectueux envers EXCALIBUR Cons: ..."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"machines always failing, very little to no training on how to fix machines and would always have to stay over to make sure orders Cons: owners were not very good with communicating"

Cocinero A (Former Employee) says

"me gusta el lugar la instalación el tipo de comida que venden solo le falta una buena atencion al cliente y eso en una empresa es lo primordial Cons: mala Gerencia"

Taxi Driver (Former Employee) says

"Picked up in Santa Monica. Knew the destinations. Knew short cuts and how to avoid traffic. Their was also less of it. Gave the customer good service. Enjoyed visiting with fellow drivers in between rides. The trick to getting along with taxi management is to pay them in full, on time and to not damage their vehicles."

Truck Driver Class A CDL (Former Employee) says

"Would be better if you were not working at least 25 to 30 hours no pay a week if you got paid to sit in docks you might be able to survive but short runs to much sitting to make it financially Cons: To much sitting at shipper and receiver with no pay"

Welder/Fabricator (Current Employee) says

"This is a good company from which to gain experience in welding and fabrication. There’s no threat of employment termination even if your work quality is poor. You can develop your skills under virtually no pressure. Management of both people, and the workload is extremely poor, but if you’re okay with doing whatever you’re told, you’ll be fine. The resources are limited, and you will be compensated under the industry average. I would not recommend this company if you’re looking to advance your career beyond the basics. Cons: Poor management/recourses/pay"

Mixer (Former Employee) says

"youre gonna dedicate you life to the company. most days are either 10-12 hour shifts with a 8 hour shift on fridays. Very fast paced and heavy youre gonna need to lift heavy stuff. great place to work if youre wanting to lose weight."

Hostess/Server (Current Employee) says

"Working for Excalibur allowed me to become more fast paste due to the fast paste environment. It also has helped me to enhance my verbal skills also to communicate with customers face to face well. The most enjoyable part of working for this company is the compensation and the interaction with the customers."

Journey Electrician (Current Employee) says

"Know your worth. Companies like Excalibur owned by a third party are the typical company that make tradesmen like myself discouraged about what we do. I believe Im making a difference. Im making resolutions,but when need be. It's time to move on. Looking for a career. A sense of worth. Compensate for the hard work we do."

Track Worker (Former Employee) says

"The management is horrible and I had to be the last employee they would go to when someone didnt show up so I had to take their shifts constantly. It's stressful because everyone is lazy. Cons: Bad management"

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"it's not worth it. they would take medical out of your check when we didn't even get medical insurance. the job sucked like there was really no help management sucked so much they were there when you need them Cons: lack of help"

Assistant Warehouse Manager (Current Employee) says

"Its busy in the summer slow in the winter they cut your hours its to many egos to many chiefs and not enough indians makes it a difficult and uncomfortable work environment."

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